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Training hours Accessibility Price Access to training
3 hours over 2 weeks 24/7 connection 180 € HT / registrant

Objectives of certification

Main skills targeted by our certification

  • Analyze a work situation
  • Identify and analyze fundamental emotions
  • Identify and analyze the source of emotions
  • Regulate your emotions

Certification public

This certification is aimed at all professionals from the employee to the manager and for example: executives, employees, managers, sales representatives of small and large companies in industry and services etc.

Sectors concerned for example: banking, insurance, oil industry, IT, occupational health service, spirits etc.

Certification usefulness

The “Regulate emotions in professional situations” certification allows professionals to regulate their own emotions and those of others in professional and interpersonal situations, such as meetings, project groups, team management, company management, customer relations, user relationship, helping relationship, etc., likely to generate tensions or even interpersonal conflicts or within teams, in order to reduce the risk, improve relationships and the effectiveness of people and teams.

Prerequisites to access the certification

Follow the training entitled "Regulate emotions in professional situations" offered by Work and Learn and Edopus.

No prerequisite is necessary to follow this training. The course can also be translated in English.

Strengths of the training

  • Questionnaire on emotions
  • E-learning module with exercises, games
  • Video to explain how the brain works
  • Work situations generating emotions to analyze
  • Support on neurosciences
  • A development plan


Analyze a work situation

Analyze your own work situations by taking stock of your feelings about the bipolarity of work (suffering / pleasure), the gap between desires and reality, and the triadic relationship of work in its relationship to oneself, to others and to reality to identify the sources of tension at work

Identify and analyze fundamental emotions

Within the framework of the different types of professional relationship, regulate, by mobilizing specific techniques of regulation, the fundamental emotions in oneself and in others, positive or negative and by analyzing their potential impact on the participants' perception of the work situation, the behavior and the relationships of the participants, in order to reduce the risk of conflicts.

Identify and analyze the source of emotions

Analyze the participants' perception of a work situation that is a source of tension, by identifying the psychological and neuropsychological mechanisms at play, in order to connect with their emotions and those of the participants and allow them to make individual and / or collective choices aimed at the resolution of tensions.

Regulate emotions

Regulate one's emotions in the context of various work situations, using specific regulation techniques and analyzing past situations that have been sources of tension and the strategies developed to deal with them, to identify how these past situations and strategies are a resource or a constraint to experience new situations.

Final certification validation test

Evaluate your skills throughout the training, and via the validation test taking place at the end of the training before a jury.

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