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Training hours Accessibility Price Access to training
3 hours over 2 weeks 24/7 connection 180 € HT / registrant

Objectives of certification

Main skills targeted by our certification

  • Analyze a communication process
  • Communicate in a way that promotes understanding and acceptance of the message
  • Listening to promote dialogue
  • Reduce conflicts within teams

Public of the certification

This certification is aimed at all professionals from the employee to the manager and for example: executives, employees, managers, sales representatives of small and large companies in industry and services etc.

Sectors concerned for example: banking, insurance, oil industry, IT, occupational health service, spirits etc.

Usefulness of certification

The certification "Listening to and preventing tensions with non-violent communication" allows professionals to know how to communicate without attacking others while remaining in sincerity in professional situations such as collaboration, mediation, meeting, group projects, management of team, company management, customer relations, user relations, helping relations, etc., likely to generate intra and interpersonal conflicts, in order to reduce the risk, improve relations, collective work and efficiency of people and teams.

Prerequisites to access the certification

Follow the training entitled "Listen and prevent tension with nonviolent communication" offered by Work and Learn and Edopus. No prerequisite is necessary to follow this training. The course can also be translated in English.

Strengths of the training

  • E-learning module with exercises, games
  • Personal work of reflection and analysis;
  • Visual supports (presentation, videos);
  • Scenarios to analyze;
  • A development plan


Analyze a communication process

Analyze filters and parasites that can prevent the understanding of a message by his interlocutor to clarify his messages and better understand those of his interlocutors and ask for feedback to ensure the correct understanding of what we are doing to say.

Communicate in a way that promotes understanding and acceptance of the message

Identify the obstacles to cooperative communication, for example: judgments, labels, comparisons, interpretations ... to apply the process of non-violent communication in 4 steps (observation, expression of feelings, identification of needs and formulation of a demand) and turn obstacles into opportunities for cooperative communication.

Listening to promote dialogue

Welcome their emotions and those of the participant in a professional context by clarifying their own feelings and needs as well as those of the participant, to express a clear and precise request.

Reduce conflicts within teams

Create and strengthen benevolence in one's interpersonal relationships by developing one's quality of presence and assertiveness, transforming criticism of the other against oneself as an opportunity for dialogue and strengthening cooperation and making oneself heard.

Final certification validation test

Evaluate your skills throughout the training, and via the validation test taking place at the end of the training before a jury.

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