Gamification is the process which proposes to add the motivating mechanisms of the game to a preexisting activity to achieve an educational objective.

Ludification of existing modules

Integration of game concepts into an existing training program while respecting the educational objectives.

Scenario, game and escape game design

Based on educational objectives, design of a training program with a scenario and adapted game mechanics.

Animation of game sessions and debriefing

Animation of the game sessions by making the link between the game and the work situations during the debriefing either by sub-group analysis or by drawing mediation.

Integration of escape games

Integration of escape game into training devices and adaptation of the scenario according to the educational objectives.


Design and delivery of tailor-made training modules

Training and Human Resources

An experience in the design of modules and the animation of training sessions allows me to offer tailor-made content by integrating mediations (games, drawings, theater) and the link with work situations.

Professional development

I support you to improve your relationships and your self-esteem by help you get to knowing yourself better, using better use your talents, boosting your career, your life quality and achieving your real aspirations.

Health and lige quality at work

I training managers and their teams related with Psychosocial Risks and Life Quality at Work to promote awareness of individual and collective behavior impact.

Blended Learning

I design the relevant scripting and manage all training mixing face-to-face and distance while keeping the advantages of human proximity with the attractiveness of digital (e-learning, webinar, online assessment ....). I have my own platform if you don't have one.

Evaluation & Assessment

Assessment of skills and potential for a position.

Assessment protocol

I build assessment protocols over half a day or even a day depending on demand by building the business scenario and the different exercices (In basket, tests, role play, interview ...).

Drafting of skills benchmarks

I write skills benchmarks based on required skills each jobubbing each skill to facilitate observations in the assessment context.

Integration of escape game into the assessment protocol

The integration of a collaborative game in a learning protocol can make it possible to observe certain skills, such as cooperation, by crossing it with the observations made in the context of the other exercises.

Evaluation of individual and collective sessions

Evaluation of individual and collective sessionsEvaluation of individual and collective sessions.

Individual support

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Supporting individuals during periods of integration, retraining or professional transition (suffering at work, skills assessment, validation of acquired experience (VAE), job search, etc.) are at the heart of my professional career.

Suffering at work consultation

I listen to and accompany distraught individuals facing work situations or even suffering in their professional environment.

Skills assessment

I carry out skills assessments to allow you to take stock of your career, analyze your professional and personal skills, your aptitudes and your motivations in support of a repositioning or a professional project and, if necessary, training.

Help with internal or external job search

Searching for jobs internally or externally is often similar to an obstacle course, which is why it is important to be accompanied so that you are fully aware of all the steps, the systems and know how to talk about yourself to convince.

Validation of acquired experience (VAE)

I support you in your validation of the experience acquired which allows you, whatever your age, your level of studies or your status, to validate the experience acquired to obtain a professional certification.

Collective support

Analysis of the real work situation in which employees encounter difficulties. The comparison of their experience, in a working group, will make it possible to identify and formalize the links between these difficulties and work.

Practice Analysis Group

I bring the group to update professional practices in order to pool them and develop the knowledge, skills and interpersonal skills of the team while promoting cooperation.

Team seminar

I design and develop team seminars through game mediation to foster cooperation and improve relationships between teammates. Fun seriously, the goal is to perpetuate the gains of the day to transpose them to work situations.


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